Sora from KH1

The Kingdom Hearts Series are RPG games created by Square Enix & Disney. The companies combine their characters from various different games/movies to make an entirely new game with few orginial characters. Sora is the main character in the games. He teams up with Disney and Final Fantasy characters to fight the hords of Heartless and find out the true intentions of Organization XIII, all while searching for his friends Kairi, Riku, and the King.

Though with the 2 new games comeing out the main characters change. In Birth by Sleep, or BbS, (for PSP) the main charcter is Terra, and new enemies are called Unbirths.BbS takes place before Sora is the choosen Keyblade Wielder, another words when he is young. In 358/2 Days (for DS) the main character is Roxas, Sora's nobody. 358/2 Days takes place during Chain of Memories, or CoM, when Roxas is still in the Organization.

Main Characters/Enemies Edit

  • Sora (BbS/KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Coded/Days/KH2)
  • Kairi   (KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Coded/Days/KH2)
  • Riku   (BbS/KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Coded/Days/KH2)
  • Donald Duck   (KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Coded/Days/KH2)
  • Goofy   (KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Coded/Days/KH2)
  • The King   (BbS/KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Coded/Days/KH2)
  • Ansem the Wise/Diz   (CoM/Re:CoM/Days/KH2)
  • Naminé   (CoM/Re:CoM/Days/KH2)
  • Roxas   (Days/KH2)
  • Terra   (BbS)
  • Ventus   (BbS)
  • Aqua   (BbS)
  • Master Eraqus   (BbS)
  • Xehanort/Xemnas   (KH1/CoM/Re:CoM/Days/KH2)
  • Maleficent   (KH1/Coded/KH2)
  • Organization XIII   (CoM/Re:CoM/Days/KH2)
  • Pete   (KH2)
  • Master Xehanort   (BbS)
  • Vanitas   (BbS)

Kingdom Hearts 1Edit

The story for the first game is this:

Sora and his friends (Kairi, and Riku) visit a group of island, called Destiny Island. The 3 friends decide that they want to leave the island and go see other worlds. It turns out that Kairi is from another world, which influences there decision because she wanted to return home.

See Also... Edit

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